Of the 1.5 million born in Alberta, Canada, the use of "Arya" as a name is trending up. Or just use 'Daniel' please From Arya to to Fat to Zxavier. A look at trends and anomalies in the names of 1.5 million babies. (born in Alberta, Canada from 1980 to 2013) 1,067,995 Babies 1% of Babies 1.5M Babies 57,340 Names 88,530 Names 1,000 Names The name __Typhoon__ was not found Please try another All Scrabblable Biblical Mappable Any Boy Unisex Girl Popular Common Rare Unique What are some of the Rare Names you can use for Scrabble? Let's explore. Show Me 12 Emperor ranked last in popularity with 49 babies named since 1980 The name __Typhoon__ was not found Please try another No names are available. Please add some or use a new combination.

Data from Alberta Open Data

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